Sustainability & Materials
At the beginning of our journey, we set out to interrogate conventional practices in the fashion industry. Today with each collection, we continue to examine the impact we have on our planet.
Taking responsibility for every material we use, we strive to work in mutual collaboration with our suppliers, seeking transparency and traceability across our supply chain.
Our Fibres
We prioritise the use of natural, renewable and certified organic materials when designing our collections. All our fabrics are vegan, selected to have the lowest impact on our global environment.
By focusing on the past, present and future of our clothes and working closely with our suppliers, we make strides towards a more responsible, transparent future.
Organic Cotton
FABRIC ORIGINS: portugal, bangladesh
Organic Cotton is a natural fabric, both durable and biodegradable. It’s comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic. We only use Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton – grown with respect to the farmers and their land without the use of pesticides.
FABRIC ORIGINS: portugal, türkiye, bangladesh
Lightweight, smooth and breathable, TENCEL​​™ is made from sustainable and renewable Eucalyptus wood pulp. It’s a stronger alternative to viscose that is long-lasting and certified as biodegradable. Soft as silk, the fabric is comfortable to wear and easy to care for.
ENKA ® Viscose
ENKA​​® Viscose is a luxurious fabric spun from sustainable and renewable wood sources. Manufactured in Europe combining traditional and innovative production methods, it’s a luxurious, endless yarn valued for its soft touch and skin friendliness. 
FABRIC ORIGINS: bangladesh
MicroModal is a viscose fabric made from renewable wood sources. Similar to cotton and silk, yet easier to care for, it has a unique softness and comfort. The lightweight, breathable fabric also absorbs moisture – perfect to wear close to the skin.
EcoVero™ has a very soft hand feel and luxurious appearance. It’s manufactured using natural and renewable wood pulp extracted from certified and controlled forests. The fabric is smooth, lightweight, breathable and resembles fine silk.
Linen is a biodegradable, low-impact fibre made from the flax plant that doesn’t need pesticides or fertilisers to grow. Strong and stain resistant, it’s a smart fabric for summer as it absorbs moisture and stays cool in warm weather.
Similar in feel to silk yet easier to care for, Cupro is a lightweight and breathable fibre that drapes beautifully. It’s made from regenerated cotton waste produced in a closed loop system meaning the chemicals used can be extracted afterwards and the water reused.
Elastane, Polyester, Polyamide
FABRIC ORIGINS: Bangladesh, Italy, China
Synthetic fabrics are strong yet lightweight and smooth materials made from petrochemicals. We use a small amount in blended yarns to give our garments more stretch and texture. We are however actively seeking to transition to recycled sources or biodegradable yarns wherever possible.
fillsens® is a light yet strong, silky-soft and breathable viscose fibre that has a natural feel, subtle sheen and beautiful drape. It’s made in Turkey from FSC-certified and biodegradable wood pulp in an environmentally-friendly process that saves water and reduces waste to almost zero
Our Finishes
At Ninety Percent, the finish of our garments is of utmost importance. We ensure every detail is of the highest quality and carries the lowest impact on the environment – our buttons are all plant-based and our metals are nickel-free.
By focusing on the past, present and future of our clothes and working closely with our suppliers, we make strides towards a more responsible, transparent future.
Mother of Pearl Buttons
FABRIC ORIGINS: Country, Country, Country
Our BioResin mother-of-pearl buttons are made in Italy with a resin created from trees, leaves and other plant material to replace plastic-based and shell buttons. Replicating true mother of pearl’s iridescence, they are biodegradable and don’t release any toxic emissions.

Corozo Buttons

FABRIC ORIGINS: Country, Country, Country
Cultivated in Ecuador, Corozo is a palm nut that is sun-dried, naturally dyed and finished as buttons in Italy. It’s an organic, vegan alternative to plastic and ivory that doesn’t contribute to the loss of biodiversity or deforestation in the Amazon.


FABRIC ORIGINS: Country, Country, Country
We only use nickel-free metal for our zips and rings, which harms neither our health nor the environment. The tape on our zips is made from GOTS-certified organic cotton or recycled polyester certified by the Global Recycle Standard (GRS).
Our Factories
Sustainability is about taking responsibility for every decision we make. It goes beyond the materials we use; for us, it incorporates respectful working environments, garment longevity, transparency and traceability, animal welfare and water stewardship
By focusing on the past, present and future of our clothes, and working closely with our suppliers, we are making strides towards a more responsible, transparent future. 

Our Factory echotex in dhaka, Bangladesh


Echotex operates with planet, people and product at its heart, offering workers free daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. An industry-leading facility owned by Ninety Percent’s co-founder Shafiq Hassan.
  • It was the first factory in Bangladesh to offer health insurance for all workers and their family members. Its pioneering ethical practices help to safeguard and improve the wellbeing of the workforce.
  • It produces excellent quality products without compromising the environment or our brand values.

EchoKnits Sweaters Ltd.

Echoknits specialises in truly sustainable knitwear. Owned by Ninety Percent co-founder Shafiq Hassan, it puts the wellbeing of its employees first and is constantly improving its approach to energy saving and sustainability.
  • It provides free healthcare, family support and dining facilities on site.
  • It carries optimal certifications guaranteeing superior quality, technical know-how and green initiatives.

Echo Tekstil

Echo Tekstil collaborates with Marka Tekstil, a family-run atelier in Turkey specialising in delicate woven pieces. Originally a fabric merchant, the third-generation business is expanding, working hand-in-hand to produce responsibly made fashion with craftsmanship at its core.
  • It supports small, local garment manufacturers and helps them to export products to Northern Europe.
  • Every step of the product development and production is checked according to ethical compliance.

Novo Look Atelier

A small Portuguese atelier, Novo Look is couple-run and an expert in textural woven fabrics and environmental-friendly washes.
  • They work with select partner manufacturers in Porto to produce the garments.
  • Our Crinkle styles are crafted in this Portuguese atelier before being crinkled by hand in Porto by local craftspeople.

Garment Care

Care and consideration with your clothes are the best way to ensure longevity. While our pieces are designed to last, some simple steps are needed to keep them in good shape until they can be given a second life.

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