Ninety Percent is a responsible, luxury fashion label sharing 90% of our profits between our people and the causes we believe in. We’re cultivating a culture of beauty that goes beyond our clothing, pioneering a new business ethos rooted in community.

We focus on sustainable, responsible practices and materials, creating collections made to last. What sets us apart is our revolutionary profit-sharing model, empowering the people behind our collections and giving back to causes we believe in. All we do stems from a care for our people and the planet – making tangible strides for the world we want.

Tangible Strides:

Profit Sharing

Each purchase you make helps us share 90% of our profits with our people and the causes we believe in. Ninety Percent’s founders created a visionary business model with deep-rooted values in our people and the planet.

how we are sharing our profits

Tangible Strides:

Sustainability & Materials

We’re making tangible strides towards a responsible, transparent future. From our low-impact, vegan materials to our responsible factories, we ensure that every place, person and creature in our supply chain is treated with dignity and respect.



of our profits will be shared. 80% to charitable causes, 10% amongst the people who make our collections happen.



In normal businesses, profit is normally taken by shareholders as dividends or distributed profit. At Ninety Percent, the shareholders will only take 10% of profits and share the rest.


(above) look 00 from collection 20 made of x material. Shop Here (above) look 00 from collection 20 made of x material. Shop Here