Organic Cotton

Fabric Origins: Portugal, Bangladesh

Organic Cotton is a natural crop, both durable and biodegradable. It’s comfortable, breathable and hypoallergenic.
We only use GOTS certified organic cotton fabric – grown with respect to the farmers and their land without the use of pesticides, making it less harmful on your skin and on the planet.

​​We choose to use Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton because it is widely seen as the gold standard for clothing and textiles. It’s the only certification to consider both social and environmental conditions - working to ensure sustainable practices, fair wages and safe working environments.

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Conventional cotton often has a high environmental impact, requiring a vasts amounts of water to produce and depleting the soil quality. Our value chain from farm to yarn ensures no harmful chemicals are used in the fields or contaminate water, that water consumption is controlled and workers’ rights are preserved.
We care about people. Paying premium prices for organic cotton keeps farmers and their families safe and facilitates crop rotation, as well as protecting against child labour and the health dangers associated with the exposure to toxic chemicals.

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We also care about the planet. GOTS certified organic cotton must be grown without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers and doesn’t allow the use of genetically modified seeds - protecting the land and water. In turn, this allows farmers to safely grow food crops alongside their cotton to feed their families and the local community.

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