Sharing is a good look…

Welcome to Ninety Percent. We’re a sustainable contemporary womenswear label based out of Camden in London, trying to approach the fashion industry a little bit differently…

Planet comes first

“ You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one”

Way back in 1988, our co-founders Para Hamilton and Shafiq Hassan met and a bond was formed over John Lennon, David Attenborough, world music, disappearing tribes and craftsmen, and the virtues of organic food, amongst other things. Back then, and somewhat ahead of her time, Para said to Shafiq, "Planet comes first", and it's this ethos that has powered their business partnership and friendship for 30 years in the garment industry - culminating in the creation of an industry-leading garment manufacturing facility in Bangladesh that puts planet and people before profit.

“ You may say I am a dreamer, but I am not the only one”

Don’t be Afraid to Care*

Launched in 2018, Ninety Percent was born out of this revolutionary caring spirit with a model that is based on sharing and 360-degree empowerment. To this end, we share 90% of our distributed profits between charitable causes and those who make our collection happen. Then we invite you to vote for your chosen cause using the unique code found in your garment’s care label.

“We created a concept that is all about making maximum change with our profits, where our customers know they are being a part of a revolution in the way businesses are run. Why not change and find a new version of capitalism - our version? We’re trying a crazy idea and seeing if it connects with people.”

(Shafiq Hassan, co-founder)

Who do I vote for?

We wanted to choose organisations that deal with social and environmental causes - and that the co-founders were aware make tangible positive impact. To this end, we support one organisation that empowers women living in poverty, two children-focused charities and two environmental causes.

Find out how you can vote for a cause

Beautiful basics, responsibly made

What about our clothes? At Ninety Percent, we do pared back, luxury basics to elevate the every day. We’re talking well-cut organic cotton sweats, detail-driven jersey staples and beautifully crafted knits from organic merino. These are clothes built to last, and love. We don’t believe in short-lived trends and hope that once you have finished with your Ninety Percent garment you’ll pass it on for somebody else to love, too.

“Inclusivity is a very over-used word nowadays, but Ninety Percent was truly built for the many, not the few. We have a relaxed sensibility: modern but not austere, feminine but not girly, casual but not athletic. Putting sustainability first, our woman gives a damn about the impact her clothes have on the planet. Not to mention she also expects well-considered designs that are built to last.”

Ben Matthews, Creative Director

Join the #DressBetter movement

The #DressBetter mantra is at the heart of our business, inviting consumers to challenge poor working conditions in the fashion industry and engage with a forward-thinking alternative. If you love your Ninety Percent garment, share in our journey with our # and be part of a kinder, more sustainable, fashion movement. Join us?

*"Don't be afraid to care" are lyrics taken from the Pink Floyd song Breathe. And very inspirational for our founders.