A New Chapter

Meet our new creative director Elliot Atkinson as he takes us through his design process

Words: Morgane Nyfeler

As a luxury, responsible fashion label, we've always cultivated a culture of beauty that goes beyond our clothing. Now with a new creative direction, those roots grow deeper - garments are sculpted by hand, cut in the finest vegan materials selected to have the lowest impact on our global environment. Designed for longevity, made with purpose.

Creative director Elliot Atkinson is heralding the beginning of a new chapter. This is an opportunity to bring some balance to our wardrobes with relaxed tailoring, airy layers, and sculptural jersey pieces. Under his guidance, we're introducing the Perennial Wardrobe - timeless, everyday styles that last a lifetime and beyond. The silhouette is gentle and forgiving, clothes cut generously in fluid shapes with room to breathe and space to move.

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“Ninety Percent is a London-based brand representative of the city's diversity and intelligence of art and culture.”

Elliot atkinson, creative director of ninety percent

He is thinking about the needs of the contemporary woman who enjoys being out in the world - at events, seeing friends or relaxing. Capturing the sensuality of visiting uncharted destinations and feeling the sea, the earth. It's about connecting the clothes back to nature.

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Spring/Summer 2023 is a thoughtfully designed collection of considered pieces in earth tones, which can be paired together effortlessly and across the seasons. “Muted, tonal, earthy colours,” he says. “A blue would be like a dusty blue. It's very painterly.” He finds inspiration in the art world, referencing Expressionism and Modernism with a nod to Lee Krasner, Naum Gabo and Isamu Noguchi, and British music from Kate Bush to Nick Drake.

“Relaxed tailoring, like a slouchy pair of trousers. Everything’s quite louche, very laid back.”

Elliot atkinson, creative director of ninety percent

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“We're not looking at trends, but building our own aesthetic language,” explains Atkinson who brings his own modern interpretation to the craft of tailoring. “Relaxed tailoring, like a slouchy pair of trousers. Everything's quite louche, very laid back.”

Atkinson is relishing the latest fabric innovations that have become our signature. He shares our vegan values and our desire to work entirely with organic materials. “We've developed this incredible MicroModal which is almost like silk jersey, it's so lightweight, it has a really buttery handle,” he adds. This allows pieces to have a lightness and an airy feel, perfect for layering.

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Ninety Percent is more than a brand, it's a community. From our London headquarters to our factories, there is a connection between all the people who make our clothes. “Having such direct contact with factories like Echotex in Bangladesh means we're really investing in the craft of making clothes. Even though we talk so much about sustainability, I think craftsmanship is integral and something that we celebrate.”