Clothes for the world you want.

We’re a clothing brand on a mission: to be the best for our customers, producers and the planet. We are of the opinion that if we can do it better, and kinder, we will.

We are on a voyage of discovery with our products, exploring planet-friendly fabrics, collaborative working partnerships and best practice working environments across our supply chain.

We care about the past, present and future of the clothes we make and their impact in the world. With each new collection, working closely with our suppliers, we inch towards a more sustainable, transparent, future.

Our focus areas include: Respectful working environments, sustainable materials, garment longevity, transparency and traceability, animal welfare, water stewardship, emissions and CO2, circularity. 

You can read our Responsible Brand Commitment here

Our Factories

Our garments are made in two industry-leading factories in Bangladesh. These are:

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Echotex, Dhaka, Bangladesh
A state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Gazipur, Bangladesh, Echotex operates with planet, people and product at its heart. Industry-leading, it was the first factory in Bangladesh to offer health insurance for all workers, fair wages and a free lunch, every day. Its pioneering ethical practices help to safeguard and improve the wellbeing of the workforce while sustainable production processes produce excellent quality products without compromising the environment or our brand values. 

Ninety Percent logo BD

Echoknits Sweaters Ltd, Kaliakair, Bangladesh
Echoknits Sweaters is a factory that specialises in true knitwear. Echoknits puts the wellbeing of its employees first and is constantly improving its approach to energy saving and sustainability.

Our Materials

The materials we choose to make our clothes from are fundamental to honouring our brand values. We take responsibility for every material we use, always selecting the most ethically considered options with the lowest environmental impact across all of our collections. Our signature core material group carries optimal certifications and we work continuously to develop and define our seasonal offerings by researching and committing to materials that meet our sourcing criteria.

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Organic cotton

We  only source Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified cotton yarns as the accepted standard. This means it has been grown without any pesticides so it’s less harmful on your skin and on the planet. Unlike conventional cotton, our entire value chain from farm to yarn is  monitored against toxic chemicals, water contamination, and hazards to human and planetary health as well as worker welfare abuses.

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Lightweight, smooth and breathable, Tencel™ is derived from renewable, sustainably harvested wood pulp. These fibres are processed in a closed loop system that reclaims and re-uses the chemicals required, reducing the toxicity of effluent to almost zero. They are long-lasting and certified as compostable and biodegradable.

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TENCEL™ Lyocell

TENCEL™ Lyocell fibers are extracted from sustainably grown wood using a unique closed loop system which recovers and reuses the solvents used, minimizing the environmental impact of production. Unique physical properties lead to their high tenacity profile, efficient moisture management and gentleness to skin.

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SeaCell™ is made from seaweed found in the Icelandic Fjords that is washed, dried, carefully ground and incorporated into the cellulose fibre made from sustainable wood sources. These fibres are biodegradable, follow Oeko-Tex Standard and are processed in a closed loop system that reclaims and re-uses the chemicals required, reducing the effluent of toxicity to almost zero. Light and breathable, the natural fabric is super soft and supple against the skin.

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Sustainable viscose

Selected for its elegant, silk-like property and rich colours, sustainable viscose is produced from pre-consumer cotton waste (‘linters’) that would otherwise be destined for landfill. These fibres are mixed and extruded to produce a fluid viscose filament yarn.

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Enka® viscose

ENKA® viscose produces filament yarns in central Europe derived from sustainable wood pulp. ENKA® exclusively sources FSC-certified cellulose from the USA and holds Gold standard Materials Health Certificate from C2C. It has also been selected as a 'responsible fibre' by the Fairtrade Foundation and can be used within certified Fairtrade Textile Standard value chains.

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