How is 90% shared?

The company will share the distributable profits as follows: 80% donated to charitable causes, 5% to team members involved in any production and 5% to team members managing the company.

Why can't I choose the cause I donate to?

This year we have chosen 4 causes running on small budgets that are close to our heart and we know to be structurally sound. However, in future we may have a different situation. We hope that as NINETY PERCENT grows so will the causes we support, and any new causes we affiliate with may be open for discussion.

What happens if no profits are made?

In the event that the distributable profit is less than £1000 per cause, we promise to donate money to ensure we reach a guaranteed minimum pledge of £1000.

What happens to the remaining 10%?

In any business, if there is a net profit* after tax that can be taken from the company without impacting the business, this is taken by the shareholders. In our case shareholders will only take 10% of the distributable profits and are sharing the remaining 90% in keeping with the business objectives.

How much of the profits do your factory workers see

Of the 90% of profits share, 5% is shared with all the people in our factory. We want to reward everyone fairly for their endeavours.

What does "distributable profits" (DP) mean?

We will decide after paying tax what figure we can responsibly take out to share; this figure is the DP, any profit not taken out as DP and shared will remain within the company to help establish the business to achieve long term success.

How is it possible to run a business and share 90% of your net profits*?

As a business we hope to make a profit. Normally in a successful business, the shareholders take their share of dividends for their own use; in our case we share. However, to run a successful business and build up funds for donations, shareholders can only share money that is able to be taken out of the business without risking collapse. When we do make a profit and the business needs are met, the shareholders will share 90% of their profits.

Are you a charity?

No, we are a commercially run business based on a positive, innovative model that shares 90% of distributable profits and only retains 10% for shareholders.

Charities and The Sharing of Profits

What percentage of my purchase goes to my charity?

Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to look specifically at how much of an individual purchase is donated to any chosen cause. This is because donations are made based on profits which can't be calculated until the end of the financial year.

How do you share 10% with people who make the brand happen?

5% is shared with people who run the brand in the UK & 5% with people who make the collection in the factory.

How are the profits invested if I don't vote?

We distribute the portion of profits that came from purchases without a vote evenly between all the causes.

When do you share your profit?

We will announce how our profits will be shared within 9 months of the end of the financial year.

How and when do I find out profits are shared?

When you have made a purchase or signed up to our newsletter we will notify you via email. There will also be a full breakdown on the site within 9 months of the end of the financial year.