Your autumn wardrobe overhaul challenge

Your autumn wardrobe overhaul challenge

Have you got that back to school feeling? Are your days working from home coming to an end? Finally! It’s a relief to have a reason to get dressed in the morning again. The new hybrid working wardrobe is still comfortable, but it’s time to raise the bar a little with a really great, luxurious cotton shirt, some wide legged trousers with a touch of shape and tailoring for a cleaner, leaner, modern silhouette.


A little organisation and wardrobe planning will smooth the transition back to your workplace. It’s the perfect time to give your wardrobe a shake-up, a bit like a spring clean but let’s call it an autumn overhaul.



Clear some space – put away all the beachwear you didn’t quite get the chance to wear, along with the skimpy dresses and the summer knits. If it suddenly gets sunny again, you know where to find them.


Bring your winter favourites back out and work out which ones you'll still wear more than 30 times. It's called the #30WearsChallenge, invite your friends to do the same, and compare the results.



Swap, sell or donate the items you would never wear again. It’s #SecondHandSeptember so bring them to your local charity shop or host a clothes swap (Find out how here).



Repair or alter the pieces you love. If you can’t sew, check out Sojo, the clothing repair and alteration app which will connect you to your nearest tailor or dressmaker. You can read about Sojo’s  founder, Josephine Philips in our series Champions of Change.


Find the gaps for something new. You might want to treat yourself to some smart new essentials, like our heavy organic cotton over shirt or our TENCEL™ long sleeve maxi dress, to update your office wardrobe as you prepare to go back to the office after months of WFH. If you’re still struggling to get out of your sweatpants, our cropped wide leg culottes or cosy oversized high neck top are the perfect transition between comfy and chic. For many of us, the new normal looks like a hybrid of working from home and in the office so we need to look smart and elegant without compromising on comfort.



Try new shapes. We’ve got trouser styles to fit all body shapes, from slim and cropped to tapered, carrot leg and skinny with a zip. It might also be time to invest in a new dress, like our side-split midi dress knitted from a blend of organic cotton and TENCEL™ that will take you from the office to drinks with friends.



Experiment with colour. Just as the trees change their colour palette, bringing some new colours into your autumn wardrobe will make you feel a little more in sync with the year. An injection of something bright like a maple red sweatshirt or a subtle shade of night forest tie-dye or fresh sky blue – our new hues inspired by nature – can make all the difference. Or you might like one colour so much you wear it from top to toe with our cool co-ords and elevated sets.


If you take our autumn overhaul challenge, you will be giving your wardrobe the love it deserves, making your clothes last longer, and making you feel more confident about the clothes you decide to keep. You’ll see where you might need something new and useful, rather than buying something you already have. And you can be sure to feel ready for the new season ahead, whatever it may hold.