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Why organic cotton matters

We are all familiar with organic vegetables – not only are organic broccoli or carrots healthier for us, people say they taste better too. Eating fruit and vegetables grown without pesticides and chemicals means those chemicals are not getting into our digestive systems, and nor are they getting onto the skin and into the systems of the farmers – or the precious topsoil which is being depleted every year. 

The same applies to cotton. Organic cotton simply means it has been grown without additional pesticides which are known to harm the environment as well as the farmers who handle them. According to the Textile Exchange, organic cotton requires 91% less water to grow than conventional cotton which is a very thirsty crop and is depleting some of our precious lakes and rivers.   

At NINETY PERCENT we use Global Organic Textile Standard certified organic cotton, because the GOTS certification is considered to be the industry best. It’s the only certification to consider both social and environmental conditions - working to ensure sustainable practices, fair wages and safe working conditions.

We care about people and growing organic cotton keep farmers and their families safe by paying premium prices and facilitating crop rotation, as well as protecting against child labour and the health hazards associated with exposure to toxic chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

We also care about the planet. GOTS certified organic cotton must be grown without pesticides, herbicides and chemical fertilisers and doesn’t allow the use of genetically modified seeds - protecting the land and water. In turn, this allows farmers to safely grow food crops alongside their cotton to feed their families and the local community.

By buying a GOTS certified organic cotton garment you’re supporting water conservation, reducing pollution, safeguarding soil and farmer livelihoods. We think you’ll agree, it makes total sense. 


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