The 5 timeless essentials you need in your wardrobe

The 5 timeless essentials you need in your wardrobe

Our Head of Design Louise Langkilde selects the top five pieces from our new core collection she can’t live without.

New year, new core. This February, we’re relaunching our wardrobe essentials collection with a renewed focus on fit, detailing and longevity of the product. We know those pieces are your favourite in our range, and the ones you keep coming back for. So we’ve decided to give them a little bit more thought and care, and adjust them to really fit your needs. 


“I wanted to elevate the finishing, add stitching for details, and improve longevity,” says Head of Design Louise Langkilde. “Also we did fitting on more sizes to be sure we had the right grading and fit for all body types.”

Our philosophy at Ninety Percent has always been to focus on a core collection of timeless, simple pieces that can be worn everyday and are not dictated by either the seasons or trends. Our new wardrobe essentials range has been carefully edited to pinpoint and perfect those indispensable everyday items that form the basis of your forever wardrobe.

“A core wardrobe is so important – you need to be able to quickly get dressed and be ready for all types of events. With a core wardrobe you know you have the pieces to build all your looks,” adds Louise.

Here she highlights her five essentials to build the backbone of any wardrobe.

1. Drew Organic Cotton Classic T-shirt

Style with Peter Sweatpants and Milo Hoodie or Black Kickflare Pants

“I would wear this T-shirt every day, both in elevated looks and for easy days at home.”

2. Suri Organic Cotton Long Sleeve Roll Neck Top

Style with Skylar Pullover and Black Wide Flare Trousers

“This ribbed top is perfect for layering on cold days.”

3. Genesis Stretch Tencel™ Long Sleeve Dress

Style with Emerson Organic Cotton Loopback Anorak

“I love to go out for dinner in this effortlessly chic dress. And it’s versatile enough to wear during the day, too.”

4. Ginnie Organic Cotton Cropped Crewneck Sweatshirt

Style with Evie Stretch Tencel™ Tank Dress

“This oversized sweat works wonders layered over a dress to contrast the boyish style with something feminine.”

5. Peter Organic Cotton Boyfit Sweatpants

Style with Alex Boyfit Vest and Sawyer Relaxed Hoodie

“I always wear those sweatpants on the weekend to relax at home and go to the local coffee shop – a day with comfort and ‘hygge’ (Danish for cosy).”

Although these pieces might be considered ‘basics’, our core collection goes a little further to offer day-to-night dressing and elevated detailing that will make the pieces last longer. We hope you’ll keep and love them for years to come.