Meet The Team - Nisha

Meet The Team - Nisha

From the makers in Bangladesh and Turkey to the designers in London, each month we introduce you to one of the workers who make your clothes. We are pleased to introduce you to Nisha Begum. 

​​​​​Age: 28

Site: Echotex, Bangladesh.

Occupation: Senior sewing machine operator.

Three words to describe you: Honest, hard worker, devoted.

Time with company: 6 months

Greatest achievement: Being a kind mother to my five-year-old son is my greatest achievement. It’s hard to find the words to express my love for my boy but I feel heaven’s peace when he runs into my arms for a hug. It makes me so proud to see my tiny boy keep himself neat and tidy and behave well around friends and neighbours.

Work highlight so far: Completing NINETY PERCENT Collection 1 is my greatest career achievement. It was a big challenge for me to make sure the finish was first class. NINETY PERCENT is exclusive product so I had to work hard to assure the quality. I learned a lot making Collection 1 and I hope these skills will serve me well in future.

Best memory: Catching fish as a child. I fished a pond near home in my native village of Bishnupur in the Gaibandha District. The best time to fish was late autumn when the water level was down and it was easier. All the boys and girls fished together then our mothers’ cooked the fresh fish for us.

Favourite place: Cox's Bazar - it’s the world’s largest natural sea beach. It’s an amazing feeling by the sea with the breeze and the sand. I’ve never seen any other beaches but I’m sure Cox’s Bazar is the best. Last winter the whole family went there, all the hotels and motels there are world class for all types of foreign and local tourists.

Best life advice? My parents advised me to always be truthful. I’ve followed this advice at every stage of my life. Wherever I have been or done I have always been truthful. Actually, I think that’s my greatest achievement. It’s advice I passed on to my child - I think that’s why he is so well behaved.

The one thing you can’t live without? My husband is my life partner - our marriage was arranged by our families. His name is Ashraful Alam and we’ve been living together for 10 years. He feels my happiness and pain and tries to help me solve problems. We have a deep understanding of each other - our eyes can read each other’s hearts. My man is wonderful. He always takes care of me and shares what he thinks.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? In five years time I wish to be a team-leader. First of all I want to be the best most efficient employee I can - this will see me rise. My supervisor Mr. Azizul’s motivates me and boosts my self confidence. My first day in the job was a mixture of sadness, fear and happiness. I was sad because I thought I would be busy with no more free time to do what I wish. I felt fear because I didn’t know the job or the environment. I felt happy thinking about the money I would earn. Now I wake up in the early morning to complete my family tasks then say bye to my boy and leave for work. When I’m there, I complete my tasks, then return home at 5.30 pm to focus on my family again.

When are you happiest? I become happiest outside of work when I’m with my family. We spend our time laughing, gossiping and doing lots of things. I love to play chess with my husband and cook - especially mutton curry. Before we go to sleep we always have cup of tea together at the end of the day. Making the tea for everyone is a special moment for me.