Cocoon yourself in our new cloud fleece pieces

Cocoon yourself in our new cloud fleece pieces

We all need a little cocooning right now, which is why we know you are going to love our amazing new Cloud Fleece. Not only does it feel soft and fluffy next to the skin, it’s made from 100 % GOTS certified organic cotton so you can enjoy the comfort without worrying about any nasty chemicals or harmful effects on the soil it was grown in, or the farmers’ health.

Cloud Fleece is a Ninety Percent technological textile innovation, designed to be light, airy, warm and deliciously soft. We understand the need for some self-care and this brushed cotton wool texture is the perfect way to get snuggly as well as stylish and feel as though you are on Cloud Nine. Whilst many traditional fleece fabrics are made from polyester, you will know that synthetic fibre is made using precious fossil fuels with more carbon emissions than the planet can take. Who wants that next to their skin?

As always, we are thinking ahead and we know that while you don’t want to compromise on style or performance, (why should you?) you want to do the right thing when you get dressed in the morning. So our organic cotton Cloud Fleece is the perfect solution, available in our generously cut zip front jacket, boyfit sweatpants and hoodie – easy to wear, easy to care for, and very easy to love.


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