10 New Year’s style resolutions to kickstart January

10 New Year’s style resolutions to kickstart January

In a world in turmoil and a January looking likely to be another challenging one, we’ve been thinking really hard about what we can do to keep our spirits up. Getting organised and creative with our wardrobes is up there on the list of things we can actually achieve to make a difference. So what to try?

1. Edit edit editStart with a wardrobe de-clutter to remind yourself what you’ve got and hone in on what you really need. It’s such a good, cathartic early January activity, too, to have a good sort out and start the year clear-headed and organised. Which leads us nicely to…

2. Embrace outfit planning to avoid those early morning panics. It might be that you work out which combinations really work for you (tee shirt + jeans + blazer, for instance) and then run with it. You’ll thank yourself for being able to sleep longer (and peacefully) every morning. Might we also suggest this shirt dress as a good instant outfit in-the-week solution.

3. Buy something new only when you need it. Put that leopard-print mini dress you’re planning to wear at your best friend’s birthday back on its rail. If you won’t wear it at least 30 times, don’t even consider putting it in your cart.

4. Follow the one in one out rule. If you do decide to invest in something new, look at what you take out of your wardrobe and give elsewhere. Circularity is fashion’s buzz word for 2022. If you are going to donate to charity, make sure your clothes are still in good enough condition to be passed on to others. Consider re-selling – we love Loop Generation or Depop – or sharing with a friend, which leads us to…

5. Host a swap shop. Why don’t you organise a clothes swapping party with friends to trade those items you don’t wear anymore and pick up some new gems? It’s something to put in the diary for January, and you can do it virtually if it transpires we’re not allowed to go out. For some expert tips on swapping, download Fashion Revolution’s How to Clothes Swap.

6. Go vegan! At least with your wardrobe...You might not be ready to do it with your diet but you can eliminate animal-derived products from your wardrobe really easily. Especially if you can invest in vegan knitwear, which, handily, we launch in January!

7. Don’t let others, aka Instagram, dictate what you buy and wear. What’s important is that you feel comfortable in your clothes. Just be yourself, not Kendall, Gigi, or anyone else for that matter.

8. Invest in independent brands and local businesses. Yes, it’s so much easier to buy from the high street. But it’s much more rewarding to support small labels that put the planet and people before profits – and not wear the same jacket as everyone else in the street.

9. Dress to boost your mood. Whether it’s wearing a bright colour or simply just making that extra effort to pull together an outfit (rather than picking yesterday’s clothes up off the floor and wearing again - hello lockdown dressing), consciously dressing up is a good motivator for the day.

10. Wear a smile every day. Not the sartorial equivalent of “cheer up love it might never happen” but rather a conscious effort to look on the bright side of life (in the midst of the chaos). Our ‘Good Vibes’ capsule of tees and sweatshirts featuring our happy face motif is guaranteed to keep your spirits up throughout the year.