Stay warm and stylish in our 100% organic cotton pointelle

Stay warm and stylish in our 100% organic cotton pointelle

It’s not surprising that thermal clothing is enjoying an upsurge right now. Keeping in line with the social distancing rules means we are spending more and more time outdoors, going for walks, sitting outside of our favourite bars and cafes (when restrictions allow) and finding isolated spots to meet with friends and loved ones. So we are very happy that our Ninety Percent ribbed pointelle basics are hitting the spot enabling you to keep warm and stylish in the new alfresco social scene. Our pointelle range is perfect for layering, allowing you to stay warm for longer as you sip your mulled wine in the open air. And we know that you will feel even happier to know that our cosy cotton pointelle is also 100% organic.


What is Pointelle?

Pointelle is a form of knitted cotton, usually with a subtle geometric texture adding breathability and warmth. At Ninety Percent, we use GOTS certified organic cotton manufactured at our Echotex factory in Bangladesh, so we know that every step of the process is responsibly made, from the dyeing and washing to the knitting and finishing. Our vertical facility means that every step of the process is overseen in one place, so we know that for example, all of our waste water is treated to above the minimal standards, and we also know that every day our 12,000 employees are given a free hot lunch (and a break in which to eat it).


A warm glow

With this in mind, you can rest assured that the warmth you are feeling from your long sleeved pointelle cotton top is more than just a temperature thing. You can feel a warm glow knowing that the organic cotton next to your skin is free from toxic chemicals, and you can also rest assured that every care has been taken in the way it’s been made.


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