Love Your Core - Ghino Parker

Love Your Core - Ghino Parker

This February, we're celebrating self-love and love for the people around us. For our new Wardrobe Essentials campaign, we've asked five women from different backgrounds with strong values for positive change to sit in front of the camera and talk to us about their work and ethics.

ninety percent lookbook


A youth worker and community consultant, who has worked within the NHS to build on a health based approach to tackling youth violence, she currently works to disrupt systems that compound child exploitation. Ghino gives a voice to young people and helps them find their path within communities. As a young Kurdish Refugee, she found a new home in West London and her diverse experiences continue to inspire her work celebrating young people and their culture.

“I was inspired by the people who supported me when I was young to find my own identity and let me be who I wanted to be.”
ninety percent lookbook
What did you like about the Ninety Percent pieces you wore and why?
I liked how the pieces felt on my skin! They felt like I was being hugged in a gentle way.
Which one was your favourite and why?
The flare leggings – they made me feel sexy in casual clothing!
What are the essential pieces you always wear and why?
A classic black jumper with a twist is my go-to! You can throw it over literally anything – a cool bright skirt or jeans – and layer with jewellery and still look hot but comfortable!
How would you define your fashion uniform?
My fashion uniform changes, but green is a colour I love to wear because it makes me happy. I'm mainly looking for clothes that feel good on my skin, and as a mum, I try to dress consciously comfortable so I like pieces that are interchangeable. Something that I can wear on a Sunday in the park or add jewellery to, and change shoes to dress up and feel sexy! That’s why Ninety Percent works for me!