First worn by French athletes in the 1920s - sweatpants have been around the block a few times since. The ‘80s saw their first foray into fashion when they became synonymous with street culture - but it was hip-hop in the ‘90s that truly made them cool. Today they’re back in Paris but this time on the catwalk as opposed to the track. In three cuts (Slim, Straight and Wide), ours are made from plush organic cotton loopback and are suitable for a variety of private and public occasions.

The Slim-Leg Sweatpant

The original cuffed sports silhouette in our favourite shades from bright to muted. The soft touch loopback fabric has the long haul journey seal of approval.

The Straight-Leg Sweatpant

A straight leg and neat cut across the hips make these the perfect fit. They’re intended to be worn out and about but when and where you wear them is entirely up to you.

The Wide-Leg Sweatpant

Wearing these extra wide leg trousers will result in a low effort/ high reward style situation. The rear pocket has a bespoke Lampo zipper fastening with the NINETY PERCENT logo, FYI.