Give better with our Independent Makers’ Gift Guide

Give better with our Independent Makers’ Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching, and you might already have felt pressured by all the ads and decorations that have popped up since early November. Get ahead of the game and prepare your gifts early to avoid rushing to the shops at the last minute in mild panic. Last year’s restrictions over the holiday period resulted in a lot of remote gifting, but Christmas should be about seeing each other to exchange presents, and being able to give family and friends a big hug.


This year, when we know we need to buy less but better, we’re bringing you a list of gifts that give back including our slogan knitted scarf, organic cardigans and perfectly-cut everyday essentials that don’t harm the planet or the people who make them. But for many of us who have learnt new skills during endless lockdowns, home-made or personalised presents seem like a more meaningful and thoughtful attention. We have discovered that using our hands to stitch, knit, crochet or bake gives our minds a break from the stresses and worries of life. If you haven’t honed your knitting or macramé skills yet, you might want to sign up for a class or buy a kit to help you on your way. If you are not a maker, look for gifts that don’t impact on the environment, and give back to the independent makers and communities who produce them. With all of this in mind, we bring you the Ninety Percent Independent Makers’ Gift Guide:

🕯️ Wax lyrical

Candles might seem a little obvious but they are the perfect gift for giving light and hope, especially when they support a social enterprise. We love everything about Wax Atelier’s sustainably sourced and natural dyed candles and wax wraps. 

🍪 Give some Christmas sweetness

German biscuits make lovely Christmas presents, full of sugar and spice. Try making these deliciously crumbly Kipferl biscuits, very easy to make. Fill a jar or an old biscuit tin with them for the sweetest of gifts. 

🧶 Weave it

Maria Sigma specialises in weaving from waste. She shows you how with a book and kit guaranteed to keep anyone busy and mindfully occupied for years ahead.

🎅 Macramé magic

How about a plant hanger macraméd from old T-shirts? It's a knotting crafting technique used to make all sorts of objects such as bracelets, bags and even coasters. Kalicramé has just the thing, or you can make your own with one of their kits. 

🎄 Stitch a photo

The ultimate way to show someone you care is to stitch a portrait of them. DMC is a creative community that celebrates textile crafts. Along with their kits to knit, stitch and crochet, they offer a service where they turn a photo into an embroidery pattern. It’s a bit like painting by numbers, with thread and a needle instead of paint and a brush. One to treasure forever. 

🌟 Repair it

Merchant & Mills make great dressmaking and accessories patterns and have a lovely haberdashery for all your making needs. The perfect gift for anyone this Christmas is their Rapid Repairs Kit, a little tin with everything you need to help your clothes last longer

🎁 Waste not

There’s beauty in broken things. And to prove it, why not repair a precious plate, bowl or cup and make it into a family heirloom with a little Kintsugi love. This kit from the Design Museum – which is currently showing Waste Age: What Can Design Do? – comes complete with gold powder to heal the cracks.