Buy Less, Care More

Buy Less, Care More

Less is more when it comes to washing and preserving the clothes you love. Overwashing runs the risk of them losing colour and shape and we’re all too quick to relegate a once favourite tee to the pyjama drawer. While washing is ultimately unavoidable - a more considered approach to laundry can safeguard the pieces you cherish and pause the fast fashion cycle.



The longer you wait to remove a stain the more likely it is to set. Act quickly for the best results. 

- If necessary scrape off any offending residue with a knife.
- Wet a cloth with cold water.
- If possible add a drop of dish detergent to the wet cloth.
- Place another cloth beneath the stain.
- Dab firmly all over the stain repeatedly. You’re trying to lift it out, not rub it in.
- Turn the garment inside out and repeat steps 2-3 on the reverse.



It’s inevitable clothes will need to be washed at some point. If you’re guilty of shoving it all in and hoping for the best - now’s the time to take a more measured approach. 

- Following washing instructions. Sounds obvious but you’d be surprised.
- Separate colours and wash similar shades together.
- Always wash dark or embellished clothing inside out.
- Wash jersey on a cool wash after spot cleaning.
- To avoid stains being missed and heavy creasing, don’t overload the machine.
- Always try to wash jersey fabrics with other soft fabrics, avoid washing with garments with zippers or other abrasive components If you must include garments with zippers, make sure the zippers are done up and the garment is turned inside out.



Hanging out a washing is boring. Fact. But a little extra love for your laundry will mean you get the most out of your cashmere and jersey. 

- Gently reshape garments and dry flat.
- Gently reshape garments and dry flat. So important we told you twice.
- Do not ever, ever be tempted by the tumble dryer. They are bad machines who hate your clothes.
- If you like to keep it neat, iron on a medium heat and always on the reverse.



Stashing well is very important for preservation. Sometimes hanging up isn’t the answer and precious knits need extra care. 

- Invest in a clothes shaver from eBay and de-bobble cashmere and other knits. If caught early and done often enough they can look brand new for ages.
- Fold knits and T-shirts. Fold the sleeves back along the seams and once across the middle. Keep lightweight pieces near the top of the stack and never hang.
- Invest in wooden or padded hangers.
- Deter moths with lavender sachets and well-sealed storage bags during summer. If you do find moths or their eggs, put the garment in the freezer for at least 24 hours to kill them and prevent further damage.
- Avoid overcrowding the rails, this causes creasing and can harm delicate fabrics.

If it’s still all too much and you want to know more about washing symbols and instructions you can visit the clevercare website here